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What does the boat look like and what will you cruise with?

Intro to our boat

Our boat is named Plava Ptica (Blue Bird). It is 9 meters long and can accommodate up to 10 people. In addition to the cabin, it has its own small deck, where you can sunbathe, walk. Below you can see some of the photos. Please take a look at the full gallery on the page Photos.

We offer cold drinks, so you do not have to worry about it. Fishing rods, kayaks…

We are available 24/7. Feel free to contact us, we have at your disposal a car driver to bring you on the boat.

All satisfied guests. The most favorable prices in the city, you have the opportunity to enjoy the cruise of the Danube and Sava rivers, and hear the story. In addition, we also offer cold drinks on board. Do not miss the opportunity to see Belgrade from the river flows. Take the company with you, surprise your loved one, or simply get out of the urban area and enjoy.
Water Taxi can be rented per hour (while every next hour after the second one will be with a 20% discount), half a day or for the all day long. In addition to cruising, you have the opportunity to fish with our rods and baits. You can swim in the river if you have a desire, there are great places for that. We are very open to our guests, while safety and security are guaranteed!
Interested in kayaks? Yes, we can make it happen for you! Let us show you the most famous restaurants where you could have lunch or dinner. You can even use Water Taxi to drive from point one to point two. We are here to hear all your ideas about magical driving by two beautiful rivers and views of the city and nature.

Water Taxi will drive you to

👀 ➡️ Belgrade city from the rivers for up to 8 person

👀 ➡️ Belgrade amazon Beljarice and lunch at restaurant Dunavski Alasi

🛥️ ➡️ WaterTaxi boat drive, the destination of your choice

🛥️ ➡️ Half-day of cruising for up to 6h

🛥️ ➡️ All-day of cruising for up to 10h

We're also available to pick you up wherever you are in Belgrade

Intro to our car

 We have at your disposal a car with a professional driver who can also answer any question you may have about the city and its history, besides being able to drive you to the boat or drive you around the city (even the whole country if you wish). Please see below the photos of our car, it’s Alfa Romeo 166, a very comfortable and spacious vehicle.

If you’re not getting well with orientation in the city and want someone who can pick you up at your place and take you to the boat, we can give you the opportunity where our driver will come to you wherever you are in Belgrade. Our prices are also good and affordable for renting a car with a driver. Prices are available per hour or per day.

Of course, we are not just driving you to the boat and back, we are here to fulfill your ideas if you want to visit some places in Serbia. By renting a car with a driver, you can visit various famous sites in Serbia, where our driver may also answer any of your questions. We could propose to you what places to visit if you currently don’t have in mind what you can see in Serbia.

Also, our driver can drive you through the city and present you with all the sights and interesting locations that every new person in the city should see and visit. As we have already pointed out, you can rent a car and a driver who will be there to answer any of your questions and to tell you about the historical topics of the city.

Where you will go

🚘 ➡️ Novi Sad > Monastery Krusedol > Sremski Karlovci > Petrovaradin

🚘 ➡️ Oplenac, Topola and Risovacka Cave

🚘 ➡️ Viminacium

🚘 ➡️ Novi Sad > Subotica > Palic Lake

🚘 ➡️ Novi Sad > Monastery Krusedol > Sremski Karlovci > Petrovaradin > Subotica > Palic Lake

🚘 ➡️ Monastery Manasija > Resavska Cave > Lisine Waterfall

🚘 ➡️ Oplenac, Topola – Fortress Maglič – Monastery Studenica – Anchoress of St. Sava

🚘 ➡️ Golubac Fortress > Monastery Tumane > Silver Lake

🚘 ➡️ Zlatibor > Kremna > Mokra Gora > Drven Grad > Sarganska osmica

🚘 ➡️ the city of Belgrade



Subotica – Zrenjanin – Sombor – Novi Sad – Kopaonik – Vranje – Niš – Užice – Čačak – Pirot – Dimitrovgrad – Valjevo – Smederevo – Vršac – Zlatibor – Šabac



Budapest (Hungary) – Szeged (Hungary) – Sofia (Bulgaria) – Skoplje (Macedonia) – Bucharest (Romania)- Sarajevo (Bosnia) – Timisoara (Romania) – Zagreb (Croatia) – Banja Luka (Bosnia) – Wien (Austria)

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